Removable Dentures

Dentures have been used as a replacement for missing teeth for quite some time now. At Dental Savers Northeast, we take innovation to the next level to give you the best results with removable dentures.

When does one need Dentures?

Gaps in your teeth could affect the quality of your smile and in turn, your confidence. But the impact of not replacing missing teeth goes beyond looks and aesthetics. Missing teeth could affect your ability to chew properly, thereby impacting your digestion and overall health. Your remaining teeth may also become misshapen and uneven due to the shifting caused by lost teeth.

Missing teeth may also make you sound like you a have speech impediment. In addition, your jawbone may deteriorate along the spots where teeth are missing.

Why choose Dental Savers Northeast to get removable dentures for your missing teeth?

Many dental clinics provide removable dentures, but at Dental Savers Northeast, our aim is to provide our patients with high quality, affordable removable dentures. We discuss all available options with you so that you can choose that one that fits your budget.

We take all the necessary care to ensure that the dentures are comfortable by using a flexible material that looks and feels natural inside the mouth.

Most people complain of discomfort due to the fit not being right. At Dental Savers Northeast, we try to minimize this problem at best by first taking a mold of your gums, mouth and teeth, and also measuring your jaw using X-Rays, so that all aspects of the fit are accounted for and your dentures are absolutely comfortable to wear.

We offer two types of dentures: Partial and complete. Partial dentures are recommended for those people who have lost some teeth. Complete dentures are meant for people who have lost most or all teeth.

Altough dentures are not as uncomformtable as most people think, the mouth will need time to adjust to them. This adjustment period is not too long and in a very short time, it starts feeling like your natural teeth. Maintaining dentures is very easy. They need to be removed at night to provide rest to the gums.

Looking for well-fitting, high quality, yet affordable dentures for your missing teeth? Call Dental Savers at (215) 297-6368. We can help you eat with ease and smile confidently again!!


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