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Bruxism is a medical term used to define the forceful clenching and grinding of teeth. While this generally happens when a person is stressed or anxious, some people have the habit of continuously grinding their teeth at night. This could be a potential cause of damage to the teeth and can be prevented with the use of night guards.

Find out if you grind your teeth while sleeping

Ask your roommates or family members if you have the habit of grinding your teeth at night. People who sleep close to you will be able to make out as the noise of grinding teeth can be heard at night when everything else is silent. Apart from this, there could be other signs like loosening of the teeth, tooth pain and tooth fractures that indicate the existence of this habit. You could also experience soreness in the jaw and dull headaches.

Why choose Dental Savers Northeast for Night Guards?

Night Guards are available over the counter, but most dentists would advise against it, as they can be very uncomfortable since they do not fit you perfectly. As a result, most people who opt for over the counter night guards end up not using them due to the discomfort caused during sleeping. These night guards also look very unattractive and if you sleep with someone else then it’s not an appealing sight for them.

It is best to visit a professional dentist if you want to start using a night guard. When you visit Dental Savers Northeast for a night guard, we first examine your teeth to look for any damage caused by grinding. This can help discover the pattern of grinding. Depending upon which teeth are affected, you can either be given a full night guard or a smaller one that would cover your front teeth.

Custom night guards are made by taking an impression of your mouth in order to ensure that they fit perfectly and do not come off at night. The material used is strong and resistant to tearing, and the night guards can even be made to look attractive.

The Consequences of Not Wearing a Night Guard

Constant grinding of the teeth could not only cause damage to the teeth, but is also a causal factor for terrible body pains and migraines.
The teeth become worn and sensitive. They may even crackdown and fracture, giving you severe toothaches. The gums start receding and all of this could eventually lead to tooth loss.

If you notice signs of tooth clenching and grinding in yourself or your loved ones, give Dental Savers Northeast a call at (215) 297-6368. We will provide you with a perfectly fitting custom might guard to prevent further damage to your teeth and will also help fix any damage that the grinding may have caused.


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