At Dental Savers Northeast, we care about the oral health of kids and adults alike. If you are seeing a problem with the alignment of your child’s teeth, then we recommend that you visit a dentist and check if he or she needs braces.

Kids tend to dislike wearing braces and that is why at Dental Savers Northeast, we offer Invisalign®, which is a much better option for tooth alignment as compared to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign® braces Northeast Philadelphia

Problems with Standard Braces

Traditional braces do the job of gradually turning and moving the teeth to give them a more even alignment. However, they cause a lot of discomfort to many people.

Most people have an issue with the metal appearance of standard braces, as it subjects them to a lot of teasing from peers. This is commonly seen among school children, making it harder to convince them to use braces.

The same problem also occurs with adults wearing metal braces at the workplace or in social gatherings. This, in turn, affects their confidence and becomes a source of constant embarrassment for them.

Apart from causing issues related to appearance, there are also some practical difficulties associated with metal braces. They can be very fragile, which causes the wearer to refrain from eating certain foods. Patients are mostly advised to eat soft foods. Maintaining metal braces can also be a hassle since they have to be cleaned to remove bits of food stuck, and it also tedious to remove from the mouth.

The sharp edges of metal braces may cause cuts to the inside of the cheeks and to the lips as well, making them quite uncomfortable to wear.

Invisalign®: Problem-Free Braces

Invisalign® braces are virtually undetectable since they are made of clear material and designed to fit well, so they do not need metal braces to keep them in place. They can easily be worn in public, without anyone realizing that you’re wearing braces. Invisalign® braces eliminate the common problems people face with metal braces, and yet are equally efficient in doing the job of aligning your teeth.

With the use of 3D imaging technology, we are able to create a series of Invisalign® aligners, which can be used one after another as per a specific schedule for the perfect fit.

Invisalign® braces are very easy to use. You can just pop them out before eating and put them back on once you’re done. The fact that they are easy to remove and place them back on makes brushing your teeth and cleaning these braces really easy.

If you have tooth alignment problems or are looking to swap your metal braces with more comfortable ones, call Dental Savers Northeast at (215) 297-6368 and we will offer you Invisalign® braces which are easy to wear and maintain.

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