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Regular dentures may not suit some people as a replacement for missing teeth since they tend to slip and wobble over time. Some patients also complain of discomfort with dentures, due to which they avoid wearing dentures altogether. At Dental Savers Northeast, we help you get rid of these problems with Denture Stabilization.

What is Denture Stabilization?

Uncomfortable dentures are dangerous when you wish to take them out completely. The process of denture stabilization makes your dentures easier to wear. At Dental Savers Northeast, we stabilize your dentures by putting small dental implants into your jaw through the gums. The dentures are then modified so that they can fit securely onto the implants.

The implants used are smaller than regular sized implants. This is because they can be installed via a less invasive procedure and they don’t take much time to fuse with the jawbone, so the healing time is lesser. Often, patients do not have enough jawbone material to support use of regular sized dental implants. In such cases, smaller implants provide an affordable and more comfortable option. Once the implants are in place, or new dentures are created to attach to them or the existing dentures are modified to fit on.

The process of denture stabilization takes no more than two hours of time and the resulting fit is so stable that one does not need a fake palate to cover the roof of the mouth. We make sure that your bite is comfortable and that the jaw is properly aligned. You will notice a more secure and improved fit once the process is complete.

Stabilized Dentures secured with dental implants are not only more comfortable but also secure. With no fear of the dentures slipping or dislodging while sneezing or coughing, you would never be tempted to stop using your dentures altogether. You will be more confident speaking during social gatherings and at work. With no worries about your dentures slipping or rubbing against your gums while chewing, eating will also become more comfortable for you. To clean your dentures, you can remove them by applying an upward pressure to the front of the dentures.

Want to make your dentures more comfortable and secure to wear? Call Dental Savers Northeast at (215) 297-6368. We offer the best Denture Stabilization services so that missing teeth do not become a cause of worry or discomfort for you.

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