Dental Mouth Guard

Prevention is better than cure. That’s why at Dental Savers Northeast, we not only help our patients cure damaged teeth, but also provide measures to protect their teeth by practicing good oral habits. For those who play sports, we always recommend the use of dental guards to protect their mouth and teeth from damage.

What are Dental Mouth Guards?

Dental Mouth Guards are protection equipment worn over the teeth, which act as shock absorbers to prevent injury to the mouth.

Mouth Guards are mostly worn by athletes and sports persons engaged in contact sports, basketball, rugby, football, lacrosse, boxing etc. Wearing a dental mouth guard is advisable for a number of organized sports and for any activity that may cause injury to a person’s mouth.

Getting a Mouth Guard at Dental Savers Northeast

Most people prefer a transparent mouth guard since it is not very noticeable upon wearing. But for those who have color preferences, we can accommodate for them. Some of our young patients even request that the color of their mouth guards be coordinated with the color of their team uniforms!!

The process of getting a mouth guard at Dental Savers Northeast begins by taking thorough measurements of your mouth, understanding the kind of sport you play and, checking the alignment of your bite.

In order to help the mouth guard fit perfectly and also to ensure maximum protection, we create a mold of your mouth and teeth. With these well-fitting custom mouth guards you will able to talk as well as breathe properly.

The mouth guards offered by Dental Savers Northeast are easy to clean, very durable and resistant to tearing. After fitting the mouth guard, our experts offer you precise instructions on how to properly use it and care for it to ensure that it lasts long. If the conditions in your mouth change, the mouth guard can be adjusted or replaced with a new one.

Disadvantages of Commercial Mouth Guards

Commercial mouth guards are not as effective as customized dental mouth guards in terms of offering protection and comfort. Since they are made to standard size, they may not provide a proper fit for everyone’s mouth. They also interfere with one’s speaking and breathing while they are worn due to the fact that they are very bulky. At Dental Savers Northeast we strongly advise our patients to only use custom dental mouth guards for proper protection to their teeth.

A dental mouth guard is an extremely wise investment for those who engage in strenuous activities that could injure the mouth. Injuries caused due to not wearing a mouth guard are much more painful and expensive to treat than the mouth guard itself. Call Dental Savers Northeast at (215) 297-6368 and we will provide you a custom mouth guard for maximized protection.

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